Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going to Shanghai, my family

In just less than a month, I am probably going to start a new post in Shanghai office, taking care of Trade Finance and Cash Solutions operations. Whilst excited with the opportunity there are several reasons I am feeling a little divided on the following:
1) Leaving family behind especially the three adorable ladies at home
2) Uncertainly on the term of the contracts
3) The extend of the challenge at work

I have been thinking of whether to bring the entire family over or to travel back and forth, and after much consideration the latter prevail for following reasons:
1) It helps keep wife on payroll which serves our family as an insurance in the event my career hit a bump and we still have a bit more to go before we could declare financially free
2) Food safety in Shanghai or China at large is worrying moreso Xin Ex is an infant and on-going health scare
3) Having Nelly being a full-time housewife, while could be enjoying at beginning, could turn into boredom when children grown up and need less time fro mum and potentially erode her self-worth being out of market as compared to her peers who remain gainfully employed
4) My contract is for 2 years period and has no intention to renew based on current trajectory which mean it is within my tolerance threshold

I will remain flexible on future decision should the above consideration change.

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