Monday, November 11, 2013

Xin Ning is approaching 6 next January

Soon turning to 6 years old Xin Nning has gradually developed her own personality and preference. She now express stronger desire in what she likes to do, the kind of haircut she preferred, selective in extra-curriculum activities (she prefers swimming, painting, and what else ...???), and list goes on.

Occasionally it crosses my mind on what her peers are doing and how Xin Ning fairs in comparison. Is this mental comparison healthy though (I believe normal for most parents)? How should I help Xin Ning navigates through what she likes, those activities she has not been exposed to and may develop a liking to it once exposed, and those activities her peers are better than Xin Ning? 

My personal preference is to have her develop the reading skills with "I Can Read" and Arts especially painting but are these enough to help her develop her thinking and creativity? In addition, would like to expose Xin Ning to some outdoor activities such as trekking, exposing her to children of different groups or background within her age group, and develop her self confidence, communication skills, and social skills. These are my thinking and preferences which I thought are the best for her but are these what she wants?

More questions than answers. Guess Nelly and I just need to move with it and adjust accordingly. One thing I am certain is to give them attention, love, and values of kindness, determination, positive thinking.