Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are building our future together

Last week, Nelly and and I have begun to see how our apartment at M@P is gradually to feel like a home. A few aspects of the apartment have caught a better side of Xin Ning; the yellow light at walk-way to common room, the height of switches means she can now switch on/off the lights at ease, pink writing table, and the purple curtain she has chosen finally got fixed.

Nelly, on the other hand, is excited with the prospect of living at M@P that comes with vast space, resort-like layout, a big pool (Olympic size), and its close proximity to St Nicholas Primary School. I, too, am excited with the fact it is situated next to Upper and Lower Peirce which helps bring nature really close to my weekend running regime.

One other interesting point about moving into M&P is the on-going discussion among netizens on where is the nearest MRT station for next Thomson MRT Line. An engineer from Poh Lian, the main contractor for the project, has speculated with confidence that it is somewhere near Tagore Lane, which means it is just 300 metres away from our apartment, and we are truly lucky if this comes true.

This is a good start, amid a small step towards building a better family life together. I am looking forward to continue building what we have got from here in this new apartment.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being married, being financially strong. Is it?

Marriage, to me and people around me, is more a traditional call once a person attains a certain age and in my case it was 31. Years later, i have begun to realise 'marriage' is far from just fulfilling a tradition or family call.

Living in a uber cosmopolitan society and a city-state like Singapore, everything in our daily activities revolve around transaction. From the moment the bread and butter is served on table, to taking bus or train to work, lunch, dinner, and even a small personal indulgent called 'Kopi-O' worth 90 cents; all these transactional activities call for exchanging and circulating of money within the society. And these particular transactions are meant for me but the concept in itself is universal. Given I am pretty low maintenance in term of cost of living, these transactions are within my mean. Now think about having 2 persons' transactions in a household, it does not take long for us to conclude the transactions could easily double in value, and in all likelihood it could end up more than just double values depending on the consumption behaviour of the union / household. For example certain transactions are add-on such as the need to have a TV when the other just need a radio; so ended up with a TV and a Radio in the house and this is what actually happened to me :)

Now, the key question is does marriage actually boost or strain a household's financial?

It is a simple question amid an important one. My answer is it helps boost a great deal given our low material expectation hence simple lifestyle and having the discipline in savings and investment. This is for me but not everyone or every couple are the same. It is a matter of choice and ability to stick to the decision made. I consider my fortunate in this particular expect :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 years later

Time flies.

Xin Ning is now 4 years old.

And we are about to move into our first brand new apartment, and pretty excited about it. With the move come a new school for Xin Ning, Carpe Diem. Both Nelly and I are hoping she will enjoy this school and make best use of the new learning experience and environment, and make more friends. Next target is to get her into St. Nicholas Primary; this will be a tall order but we will remain hopeful.

Intend to keep this blog alive so promise to visit and post more. Got to go now.