Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can't Ask For More

Tomorrow I will be starting a new career in Shanghai for at least a year. The opportunity came at a timing less than ideal given our family has just celebrated the arrival of 欣蒽, and 芯宁 is now enjoying her sister's companion; all the good reasons for me to be at home. At the same time, 丽晶and I are both doing so well together.

Like our past successes, we always need to keep ourselves on the toes and be prepared to take up new challenges that could represent a greenfield for our family. Nelly took up the challenge of being a Private Banker after her surgery in 2005, I took the risk of jumping into Operations at the time banking is most unstable in 2008 and we had just overjoyed with 芯宁arrival. Looking back we are glad to take up the challenges and enjoying the fruits of our decision and hardwork.

I guess now this is another huge leap of faith for me, again, and this time it is Shanghai. It will be a challenging career and tough time managing being away from my 3 lovely girls. I just need to focus on delivering the best outcomes and bring the success back to the family again. 加油!