Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Together, the sisters are stronger

After almost 3 weeks looking after Xin En, and seeing how Xin Ning reacted towards her little sister, I can't help but feeling proud and love the girls more. The feeling is derived from the gratification and proud seeing Xin Ning's continuous affection towards Xin En and her spontaneity in defending her little sister.

Both Nelly and I are extremely delighted to see how these two girls are getting on with each other, so far. We will be patient to see them growing up and surely will enjoy the journey with them.


Daddy and Mommy love both of you very much.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going to Shanghai, my family

In just less than a month, I am probably going to start a new post in Shanghai office, taking care of Trade Finance and Cash Solutions operations. Whilst excited with the opportunity there are several reasons I am feeling a little divided on the following:
1) Leaving family behind especially the three adorable ladies at home
2) Uncertainly on the term of the contracts
3) The extend of the challenge at work

I have been thinking of whether to bring the entire family over or to travel back and forth, and after much consideration the latter prevail for following reasons:
1) It helps keep wife on payroll which serves our family as an insurance in the event my career hit a bump and we still have a bit more to go before we could declare financially free
2) Food safety in Shanghai or China at large is worrying moreso Xin Ex is an infant and on-going health scare
3) Having Nelly being a full-time housewife, while could be enjoying at beginning, could turn into boredom when children grown up and need less time fro mum and potentially erode her self-worth being out of market as compared to her peers who remain gainfully employed
4) My contract is for 2 years period and has no intention to renew based on current trajectory which mean it is within my tolerance threshold

I will remain flexible on future decision should the above consideration change.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An important week for the family and the country

Being a Malaysian, married to a girl originated from Indonesia and now a proud Singaporean, who is born on 31 August, in itself is a symbol of national importance. That was 2004. Fast forward to May 1, 2013, I am again about to claim a coincidence of great importance. On 2 May (tomorrow) Nelly and I are excitedly welcoming the arrival of our new born, and 3 days later (May 5, 2013) Malaysians will head to polls to decide the next government.

For us, the arrival of second child will coincide with another significant event in our family, that is, I am awaiting my relocation to Shanghai, a move which I think will boost my career prospect and enhance my experience in a great way.

During the very same week, on this Sunday, Malaysians are gearing up to cast their votes in what many have predicted as the closest battle between the incumbents and the Oppositions led by Anwar Ibrahim. For the first time since Independence the National Front government is facing a real prospect of losing its majority in Parliament house.

In any case, my excitement is on the arrival of our second child tomorrow, and at the same time hoping that the General Election in Malaysia will usher the new reality that bring about better prospect for all include my princesses.

What a great week for the Ongs!!!