Saturday, July 14, 2012

Having Another Child

Few things came into my mind when this topic pop up:
1) Do I have enough financial means to raise this child, giving him / her the best I could afford, when job is hardly secured?
2) What will happen to old days nest egg if we were to allocate substantial resources to support Xin Ning and her brother / sister?
3) Could I be fair to both of them in term of material provision in which I have a wish to provide them top-in-class education and leave them with an equal assets / wealth to launch them to ensure their stay ahead?

For all the considerations above, I do have some inclination towards having a second child for following reasons:
1) Giving Xin Ning a companion and an opportunity to pick up responsibility being an elder; to look after the younger sibling
2) I know having another child will have fulfilled Nelly's wish given how happy she is being a mother and all the fun generated from looking and spending time with Xin Ning

This is a complex situation and I am amazed to see how indecisive I am when come to addressing this matter. The saga continues ...

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