Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sabahan and its political struggle

A few month ago, PM Najib's administration has finally acceded to the call for a special commission to investigate Sabahan's unhappiness over allegation on the Ministry of Internal Affair and Security has granted citizenship to foreigners in return for their votes (for National Front's government collision). Disturbing statistics shown that population in Sabah has grown from merely 650,000 in 1970 to 3,500,000 in recently censure data, despite Sabah being one of the poorest states. More disturbing revelation was from Dr Mahathir's own admission that Tunku Abdul Rahman was worst than him for granting more than 1,000,000 citizenships without proper documentation and process prior to Independence. 

In principle I am for the idea of welcoming non-citizens to the country to contribute to nation's development given talents are scare and mobile. They are many benefits in opening our door to talents from all over the world. US and our closest neighbour Singapore have both proven the wisdom of this policy so long as this is done in control and planned manner. 

When it comes to Sabah, the accusation is the arrival of these outsiders are not done with the benefits of the state development in mind but one of political reason, ie, to ensure the National Front collision continues to maintain its majority in balloting box. Even more serious is the accusation that this generous policy was driven by desire to increase moslems population in the state to keep the non-moslem voters at bay. Perhaps this is the key reason for the rising tension between the Moslems who are leading the collision government and the Christians. 

With the General Election around the corner, it will be interesting to see how this investigation will help establish the truth and how the public, particularly the Sabahans react to the outcomes when the findings are made available to public. After nearly 3 decades of distrust it is time to let the truth emerge, to path way for genuine reconciliation between conflicting party, and more critical is what shall the country do to these falsely granted citizens?

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