Saturday, January 16, 2010

The word 'Allah'

I don't see any issue in using the word 'Allah' by other religions. Those who protest are clearly misled. For the record, the word 'Allah' has been used for a long time by other religions in their holy scripts hence set the precedent to illustrate the point this issue is not new. In Indonesia, this is more prevalent. The recent attacks on Churches and a Sikh temple have crossed the 'sensitive' line. Now, more than ever, the polarization is more visible and the trust between races is probably at new low. I even see a great divide among the Malays between the moderate and 'protests'. This is not an issue to press for 'winning attitude' but one of understanding of self and others living in the context of coexistence. The rights to worship should be a universal doctrine for all to accept just like how it was practised during the Prophet's time. The slow response from government in this episode further convinced me it is always politics over the-right-thing-to-do, but clearly this approach may backfire. 1Malaysia has a long way to go and I remain sceptical if it will ever reach its destination.

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